Plasma Donation Reading PA | Top 5 Centers & their Pay Chart

By | December 12, 2022
Plasma Donation Reading PA

There aren’t many ways to earn while doing good.

However, Plasma Donation in Reading PA allows you to earn up to 50 dollars for every plasma you donate while saving a life.

This article gives you details of the best centers for plasma donation Reading PA, their pay chart, benefits, and more.

Plasma Donation Reading PA: Top 5 Centers

Plasma Donation Reading PA

These are the top five centers for Plasma Donation Reading PA:

1. CSL Plasma Donation Center

The CSL Plasma formally known as the ZLB Plasma Services is a plasma donation center located at 5370 Allentown Pike, Temple, PA 19560.

The Rika Plasma Donation System Available To Only This Plasma center is designed to help reduce the collection time while improving the operator and donor experience.

It was established as a subsidiary of CLS behiring in 2000. You can contact them at (610)320-2374. CSL Plasma pays $20 to $100 per visit or donation.

2. Miller Keystone Blood Center

Miller Keystone Community Blood Bank has been in existence since the early 70s. This facility serves as the sole provider of plasma for over 33 hospitals in PA.

They also launched a scholarship award in 2021 for every participating high school which achieves not less than 50 points each year. They have the best doctors who are committed to their work.

They also have an improved facility including facilities like free wifi. You can get up to $50 per visit at the Miller Keystone Blood Center.

Miller Keystone Blood Center is located at 2745A Leisczs Bridge Rd, Leesport, Reading PA 19605. You can contact them at (610) 926 6060.

3. Biomat USA Blood Center

The Biomat USA is a blood and plasma donation center located at 630 Greenwich St, Reading PA 19601. It has been in existence since 1986. Biomat USA is owned and operated by Grifols.

They specialize in the collection of rich protein plasma from donors to help in the creation of life saving therapies for individuals with diseases such as genetic emphysema.

They are also known to guarantee the safety of both the donor and the plasma donated. You can contact them at (610) 685 5060. Biomat pays up to $100 per visit.

4. BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma Services is a state-of-the-art organization devoted to gathering quality plasma donations in a secure and sterile environment.

They offer Free Wi-Fi and a Simple online scheduling system. They are located at 1763A S Braddock Ave, PA 15218. You can contact them at (412) 501-0953. BioLife pays $30 to $40 per visit.

5. Red Cross Berks County Chapter

The Red cross berks is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by the International Red Cross movement.

They collect plasma from donors in a well protected and guided environment with trained personnel in the medical field. They are located at 701 Centre Ave, Reading PA 19601. You can contact them at (601) 375-4383.

Plasma Donation Reading PA Pay Chart

Plasma Donation Reading PA Pay Chart

This is the pay chart for plasma donation Reading PA:

Plasma donation centerPayment rates per visit
CSL Plasma$20 and $100 
Interstate Blood Bank $50
VitalantRewards Program points
BPL Plasma$20 to $50
Octapharma Plasma$400 per month
Grifols$30 to $100
GCAM Plasma$25 to $30
BioLife Plasma$30 and $40 

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Benefits of Donating Plasma in Reading PA

These are the benefits of Donating  Plasma Reading PA:

1. Financial Profit

Plasma donors earn a compensatory fee for every donation they make. For many donors, this money can go a long way in covering food, medication, rent, and other expenses.

Plasma donation Payouts are based on the quantity of time it takes to donate the plasma. This is basically because the amount of plasma an individual can donate is dependent on their body weight.

Therefore the heavier the donor, the more plasma that is likely to be collected and the longer the donation process. Each plasma donation center determines its payment rates.

2. Opportunity to get a mini-checkup

Before you can donate blood or plasma, you are first asked to undergo a string of physical exams that examine your body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and hemoglobin levels.

When your blood is drawn, it is taken to a lab where it is tested for any infectious illnesses like HIV and covid19 virus. You will be notified quickly if anything comes back positive.

Rigorous screening notifies the donors of their current health state and gives them notice regarding any early indicators of illness.

3. Mood booster

The knowledge that you are helping others by donating plasma can have a notable and positive effect on your mental health.

Many individuals find it very delightful and significant to donate a part of themselves to help others.

4. Opportunity for Your Blood to Refresh

According to some recent scientific studies, regular donation of plasma and even whole blood donation can provide health advantages for the donor.

Donating plasma helps to renew the circulatory system thereby allowing the body to create a fresh reserve of blood.

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FAQs on Plasma Donation Reading PA

These are the frequently asked questions on Plasma Donation Reading PA:

How long does a plasma donation take in Reading, PA?

The plasma donation process typically takes around 1 to 2 hours, including registration, health screening, donation, and post-donation recovery.

How can I find more information about donating plasma in Reading, PA?

For more information about donating plasma in Reading, PA, you can contact local plasma donation centers directly or visit their websites.


Donating plasma is one way to help save a life. With plasma donation centers, you can earn from donating plasma today.

It is however advisable that anyone donating plasma should be in a state of good health and enjoy to take proper rest afterward.

It is also advisable that individuals do not turn plasma donation into a side hustle. All necessary info for plasma donation Reading PA has been made available in the article.