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Donate Baby Clothes to Social Services: How to, Places

My little one went from tiny peanut to chubby crawler in what felt like five minutes flat. However, Sarah, my neighbor, told me about social services where I could donate those clothes, bringing a lot of sunshine to other needy families. Donating them is easier than teaching your toddler the difference between “truck” and “excavator.” In this post,… Read More »

Donate Coats to Homeless Near Me: Top 10 Places, How

As the chill of winter crept in, I found myself rummaging through my closet, uncovering coats I hadn’t worn in seasons. It got me thinking about those who face the harsh cold without the luxury of warm clothing. That’s when I donated my extra coats to the homeless near me. It’s a simple act, but the thought of… Read More »

Donate Underwear to Homeless Shelter: Top 5 Places

I was about to dispose of the heap of socks in my drawer when my roommate informed me that I could donate them to the homeless shelter. Following her guidance, I could put a smile on someone else’s face with my small act. In this article, I explain how to Donate Underwear to Homeless Shelter. What Types of… Read More »