Grifols Plasma Pay Chart, Payment Schedule: How Much

By | December 16, 2022
Grifols Plasma Pay Chart

As we know, Grifols offers a competitive compensation program for plasma donors.

Knowing the exact Grifols Plasma Pay Chart is useful for us donors to understand how much we can earn for each donation.

So, I have researched and have the correct payment amounts with me.

In this article, I provide the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart and How Much Does Grifols Pay for Plasma.

How Much Does Grifols Pay for Plasma?

Grifols pays $40 for every plasma donation, and the donors can earn up to $400 a month.

However, if you want the payment info for first-time donors, refer to this guide on Grifols New Donor Pay.

Grifols Plasma Pay Chart 2024

Grifols Plasma Pay Chart 2023

This is the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart 2024:

 PayAnnual AmountWage per Hour
Highest paid$51,000$25
75th percentile$42,000$20
25th percentile$32,000$15

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Grifols Plasma Payment Schedule

Grifols donation centers offer $30 for the first plasma donation of the week and $105 for the second time.

Grifols Plasma Payment Schedule

How Much Is Grifols Paying for Plasma?

Grifols is paying new donors the following amounts for plasma donations:

  1. $45 for the first donation.
  2. $50 for the second donation.
  3. $55 for the third donation.
  4. $60 for the fourth donation.
  5. $65 for the fifth donation.

After the first five donations have been made, a set amount will be determined and payments will be transferred to the donor’s debit card on the due date for that month.

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Detailed Breakdown of Payment Amounts at Grifols

This is a table showing the breakdown of payment amounts at Grifols:

Job DescriptionEstimated RangeAverage
Quality Assurance Coordinator$19 – $42$28
Phlebotomist$11 – $17$13
Operations Supervisor$13 – $29$19
Medical Laboratory Technician$12 – $23$16
Process Technician$10 – $20$14
Specimen Processor$14 – $21$17
Licensed Practical Nurse $18 – $30$23
Charge Nurse$27 – $48$35
Licensed Vocational Nurse$17 – $27$21
Manufacturing Technician$15 – $31$21
Certified Phlebotomy Technician$11 – $18$14
Training Coordinator$12 – $24$17
Registered Nurse$24 – $47$32
Quality Assurance Associate$11 – $22$16
Medical Receptionist$10 – $15$12
Plasma Processor$11 – $18$13
Security Officer$12 – $21$16
Psychiatric Nurse$25 – $35$29
Staff Nurse$21 – $35$28

What is the Payment Method Grifols Use to Pay for Plasma Donations?

What is the Payment Method Grifols Use to Pay for Plasma Donations

All Grifols donors receive credit on Grifols’ prepaid Visa debit card, topped up after each donation. After you make your first donation, you will receive your debit card, instructions on how to use it, a list of ATMs you can withdraw from, and bank contact information.

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Frequency of Donations Allowed at Grifols

Since a single donation yields approximately 625-800 milliliters of plasma, federal law allows an individual to donate plasma only twice within seven days if the donations happen two days apart from each other.

How to Find a Grifols Plasma Donation Center

Finding a Grifols plasma donation center is not very hard to do. You just need to visit Grifols’ website and look for the donation centers page. When you do that, you will be sent to a page that will request your state and zip code. When you fill in the information, you will be shown many centers that you can choose from to donate plasma.

What is Expected of Every Plasma Donor at Grifols?

Before anyone can donate plasma at Grifols, he/she has to:

  1. Be at least 110 lbs in weight.
  2. Be between the ages of 18 and 69 years.
  3. Test non-reactive for any transmissible viruses including hepatitis and HIV.
  4. Be in a state of good health.
  5. Pass through a thorough medical examination.

How Can I Be Prepared to Donate Plasma at Grifols?

Follow these steps to be Prepared to Donate Plasma at Grifols:

  1. When you eat, make sure it is a high-protein diet and avoid high-fat foods. 
  2. Drink plenty of water and juices and avoid alcohol and caffeine the day before and the day of your donation.
  3. Getting enough sleep before donating and quitting smoking (at least 30 minutes) before donating are also important factors to note.

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Does it Take Long to Donate Plasma at Grifols?

The first plasma donation can take between two and two and a half hours. This includes a physician examination, a comprehensive physical examination and testing, and confirmation of the donor’s identity and local address. Donating plasma requires a thorough medical examination and takes longer than donating blood because the plasma is separated from the blood. A reimbursement donation typically takes an hour to an hour and a half and includes a donor health assessment, donor screening, and testing.

Is it Worth Donating Plasma to Grifols?

Yes, it is worth it to donate plasma to Grifols. Not only is it worth it to the company, but it is even more worth it to the patients who benefit from the donation. Donors typically receive $50 to $90 for each donation, which goes to a debit card that can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. You can use it for your friends and family or donate it to a charity of your choice.

Does the FDA approve Grifols plasma centers?

All Grifols plasma centers are accredited to operate through the International Quality Plasma Program. It is the governing body responsible for ensuring that plasma donations meet the highest quality standards. Medical staff and a phlebotomist accompany you throughout the process. All plasma donations are made at FDA-approved medical facilities with licensed medical professionals.

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FAQs on Grifols Plasma Pay Chart

These are the frequently asked questions on Grifols Plasma Pay Chart:

How often is the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart updated?

The Grifols Plasma Pay Chart may be updated periodically to reflect changes in compensation rates, promotional offers, or other factors.

What factors determine the compensation rates on the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart?

Compensation rates on the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart may vary depending on factors such as the number of donations completed within a specific time frame (e.g., weekly or monthly), the location of the donation center, and any promotional offers or incentives available at the time.


In conclusion, the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart is a valuable resource for plasma donors looking to understand and track their compensation. By understanding the pay schedule and following best practices for donating plasma, donors can maximize their earnings and make a meaningful contribution to the global healthcare community.

While the process of donating plasma can be time-consuming and requires a certain level of commitment, the rewards – both financial and personal – can be significant. For those considering becoming a Grifols plasma donor, the Grifols Plasma Pay Chart is an important resource to consider as you make your decision.