Biolife ATM: Locations, Near Me, Debit Card, Free

By | January 11, 2024
Biolife ATM Locations

Recently, I needed cash and remembered my Biolife debit card from my last plasma donation.

This got me thinking about how convenient it is for Biolife cardholders to access their funds.

In this post, I explain everything about Biolife ATM, their locations, how to find a free one near you, etc.

What is The Biolife Debit Card?

What is The Biolife Debit Card?

The BioLife Debit Card is a Mastercard that can be used at over 900,000 ATM locations. The card is loaded each time a donor donates plasma at a BioLife Plasma Service center. It can also be used to make purchases wherever Mastercard debit cards are accepted.

How to Use the Biolife Debit Card

Follow these steps to use the Biolife Debit Card:

  1. Insert your card into the ATM.
  2. Enter your four-digit PIN.
  3. Choose the “Withdraw” option.
  4. Select “Checking” as the account type.
  5. Take your cash, card, and receipt before leaving.

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How to Find Biolife ATM Near You?

To find in-network ATMs near you, check Allpoint ( and MoneyPass ( websites to search your area. Both networks also have apps available for mobile devices.

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Biolife ATM Locations Chart

This is the Biolife ATM Locations Chart:

ATM LocationAddressCityStateZIP
Allpoint ATM5318 Main StLos AngelesCA90011
Allpoint ATM7330 Lima RdFort WayneIN46818
Allpoint ATM2 US-130BurlingtonNJ8016
Allpoint ATM3317 Montrose BlvdHoustonTX77006
Allpoint ATM1117 10th St NWWashingtonDC20001
Cardtronics ATM633 Columbus AveNew YorkNY10024
Cardtronics ATM393 Amsterdam AveNew YorkNY10024
ATMNew York, NY 10019New YorkNY10019
Cardtronics ATM725 5th AveNew YorkNY10022
Cardtronics ATM5 W 35th StNew YorkNY10001

Biolife Debit Card Free ATM

The BioLife Debit Card allows you to make one free withdrawal after each plasma donation. If you withdraw a second before your next donation, there’s a $2.25 fee.

Furthermore, checking your balance at an ATM incurs a $1 fee, but you can avoid this by using other methods such as texting BAL to 445544, accessing your account online, or calling the number on the back of your card.

Plus, you can use an ATM that is part of the Allpoint or MoneyPass networks.

Biolife ATM Fees

Biolife ATM Fees

After your initial plasma donation, the first withdrawal from your account is free of extra charges.

However, if you make a second withdrawal before completing another donation, there will be a $2.25 fee.

Additionally, checking your card balance at an ATM incurs a $0.50 fee.

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What is the Biolife ATM Withdrawal Limit?

The withdrawal limit for a BioLife debit card is the balance on the card. One ATM network has a daily withdrawal limit of up to $400.

How to Check Biolife ATM Balance

Follow these steps to check your Biolife ATM balance:

  1. Locate an ATM: Look for an ATM that displays the Mastercard logo. You can also use the Allpoint or MoneyPass networks’ websites or mobile apps to find surcharge-free ATMs in your area.
  2. Insert or Swipe Your Card: Insert or swipe your BioLife Debit Card into the ATM slot. Ensure the card faces the correct direction, with the chip facing up and the magnetic stripe facing down.
  3. Enter Your PIN: Enter your four-digit PIN when prompted. This is the same PIN you set up when you received your card.
  4. Select Biolife Atm Withdrawal Option: Select “Withdraw” and Choose “Checking.” On the ATM screen, select the “Withdraw” option. Then, choose “Checking” as the account type.
  5. Enter Your Withdrawal Amount: Enter the cash you want to withdraw. You can withdraw up to the maximum balance available on your card.
  6. Confirm and Collect Your Cash: Review the withdrawal details on the screen and press “Confirm” to proceed. The ATM will dispense your cash and provide a receipt.
  7. Retrieve Your Card and Receipt: Take your cash, card, and receipt from the ATM. Keep your receipt for your records.

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What ATMs Take Biolife Cards?

BioLife Prepaid Mastercards can be used at ATMs in Allpoint and MoneyPass networks. You can find in-network ATMs by searching the Allpoint and MoneyPass websites. Nonetheless, most ATMs in the United States accept major debit cards.

Can You Get Cash From Biolife Card

You can withdraw cash from a BioLife card at ATMs. The BioLife card is a prepaid Mastercard loaded when a donor donates plasma at a BioLife Plasma Service center.

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FAQs on Biolife Locations and Free Withdrawals Near you

These are the most frequently asked questions on Biolife Locations and Free Withdrawals Near you:

What ATM can I use for my BioLife card?

The BioLife Prepaid Mastercard is accepted at more than 900,000 ATMs globally, allowing you to access your funds conveniently. Additionally, you can use it for purchases at any establishment that accepts Debit Mastercard, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Is There a Biolife ATM Limit on Transactions?

The maximum daily ATM withdrawal limit is $400.

Do Biolife ATMs Charge Fees for Transactions?

After your first plasma donation, the initial withdrawal is free of extra charges. However, if a second withdrawal is made before completing another donation, a $2.25 fee will be applied.

Can the Biolife ATM Be Used by Anyone Who is Not a Plasma Donor at Biolife?

They can only be used by BioLife plasma donors because it is linked to the BioLife Prepaid Mastercard.


ATMs at Biolife offer a convenient way to access funds with your Biolife Debit card. These ATMs simplify money withdrawals and transactions for Biolife account holders. With easy card usage, users benefit from hassle-free banking experiences. Overall, these ATMs are pivotal in enhancing the convenience and accessibility of Biolife Debit cardholders’ financial activities.