Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons 2024: How to Get & Redeem

By | March 2, 2023
Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons

If you’re a frequent donor at Grifols like me, you may have heard of their bonus coupons.

I also get to redeem these coupons for even more perks and rewards.

In this blog post, I will explain everything you need about Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons 2024.

What Are Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons?

What are Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons

Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons are promotional coupons offered to encourage people to donate plasma at Grifols Plasma Donation Centers. These coupons offer additional monetary compensation for your plasma donations, providing a bonus on top of the regular payment you receive.

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Top 4 Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons

The top 4 Grifols Plasma coupons are:

1. Grifols Buddy Bonus

The Grifols Buddy Bonus incentivizes $150 to people who refer other donors. To benefit from this reward, have them bring their ID and Social Security Card to get started. Your referral must also complete three donations in a month before you can receive your bonus.

2. Grifols $10 coupon

The $10 coupon is a reward that Grifols offers to eligible donors who donate plasma at a Grifols plasma donation center. To qualify for the $10 coupon, you must be a first-time or lapsed donor who has yet to donate plasma at a Grifols center in over six months.

Once you have completed your donation, you will receive the $10 coupon in your Grifols prepaid debit card, which you can use to withdraw cash or make purchases.

3. Grifols New Donor Bonus

The Grifols New Donor Bonus is a reward new donors receive after completing their first plasma donation. However, you must meet the donation requirements and be a new Grifols donor to be eligible. Check out this article on Grifols New Donor Pay to know more.

Furthermore, for each of your first five visits, you will earn between $75 and $80. Then, between $40 and $55 for your subsequent five trips. The bonus is for more than just the first visit because donors must give plasma at least twice before redeeming it.

4. Grifols Plasma Birthday Bonus

Grifols Plasma Birthday Bonus Coupons allow donors to receive additional compensation for their plasma donations during their birthday month.

How Do I Get Grifols Bonus Text?

To get Grifols bonus text, send the word “JOIN” to the number 65083 to get a reply. Text STOP to 65083 to stop getting messages from Grifols and its partners about Grifols Plasma Promo Alerts.

Discover the Grifols New Donor Pay as a first time plasma donor

Benefits of Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon

Benefits of Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon

Here are the benefits of the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon:

  • Encourages first-time or lapsed donors: The Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon is an excellent incentive for people who have not donated plasma in a while or who have never donated before to donate at a Grifols plasma donation center.
  • Provides financial compensation: Donating plasma can be a time-consuming process. Hence, the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon offers monetary compensation for your time and effort. You can use the $10 coupon to withdraw cash or make purchases, providing extra financial support.
  • Supports ongoing donation: The Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon is just one of the many rewards and incentives that Grifols offers its donors. Grifols encourages donors to continue donating plasma and supporting their mission of improving lives through plasma-derived medicines by providing ongoing incentives.

How Often Are Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons Distributed?

Grifols Plasma centers offer monthly bonuses and promotions, but they vary depending on the center.

Are There Any Restrictions on Using the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon?

There are some restrictions on using the Bonus Coupons. However, these restrictions vary by location. The restrictions include the following:

  • Coupons are only valid at the Grifols donation center where they were issued.
  • Coupons may expire, so you must use them within a certain period.
  • Coupons may have a minimum withdrawal amount, so you may need to withdraw a certain amount of cash or make a minimum purchase to use the coupon.
  • Coupons may not combine with other offers or incentives.

What Happens if I Lose My Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon?

If you lose your Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon. In that case, contacting your local Grifols plasma donation center as soon as possible is best. They can issue a replacement coupon or offer alternative rewards based on location policies and availability.

Check out this article on Grifols Plasma Pay Chart, if you are interested in knowing about their payment schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about the Grifols plasma bonus coupon.

Can I Transfer the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons to Someone Else?

You cannot transfer the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons as they are non-transferable.

Can I Combine The Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons With Other Offers or Promotions?

You cannot combine the Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupon with other offers or promotions. It is offered as a standalone incentive to encourage you to donate plasma.


Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons are a fantastic way to earn extra compensation for donating plasma while supporting the development of vital plasma-derived medicines. You earn rewards that you can redeem for these bonus coupons, providing a financial incentive to continue contributing.

While there may be restrictions on how and where you can use these coupons, they remain a valuable tool for encouraging plasma donations. Also, it is a tool for rewarding donors for their time and effort.

The coupons offer a win-win situation for the donor and Grifols. The donors receive a monetary bonus, and at the same time, Grifols gets the plasma it needs to create life-saving medicines.

Therefore, Grifols Plasma Bonus Coupons are an excellent way to make a difference and earn extra money.