How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma? New Donor Pay Chart

By | February 16, 2023
How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma

Have you ever considered donating plasma at Talecris?

As a regular plasma donor, I can tell you exactly How much does Talecris pay for Plasma.

In this blog post, I provide a detailed answer to How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma, revealing their pay chart in 2024, how much they pay new donors for plasma, and what you can expect from the donation process.

How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma?

How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma?

Talecris pays plasma donors $200 per month, which is one of the highest compensation rates in the US. If you are a first-time donor, you will get $50 for your first donation.

How Much Does Talecris Pay New Donors?

Talecris pays new donors $50 on the first donation, $75 for the second donation, and $100 for the third donation. This makes a total of $225 in just three donations for new donors.

Talecris Pay Chart 2024

This is the Talecris Plasma Pay Chart 2024:

DonationPayment per DonationPayment TypeTotal Payment
First$50Talecris prepaid Visa debit card$50
Second$75Talecris prepaid Visa debit card$125
Third$100Talecris prepaid Visa debit card$225

Please note that Talecris has now been acquired by Grifols, so check out the updated Grifols Plasma Pay Chart.

Overview of Talecris’s Plasma Donation Program

Talecris’s Plasma donation program was set up to help save lives through the collection of protein-rich plasma from donors to help create life-saving therapies for patients suffering from diseases like hepatitis, genetic emphysema, hemophilia, etc. These donors are, in turn, compensated immediately after making their donations.

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How Does the Plasma Donation Process Work at Talecris?

Plasma is extracted from a blood sample taken from one arm and processed by a sophisticated machine, while the remaining blood (including red blood cells and white blood cells) is returned to you, the plasma donor. The procedure is simple and takes only a few extra minutes than donating whole blood.

What is the Payment Method Talecris Uses to Pay for Plasma Donations?

Payments for plasma donations are issued on a Talecris prepaid Visa debit card. All funds are automatically loaded on the prepaid card once the donation is complete.

How to Find Talecris Donation Centers Near You?

  • To find a Talecris donation center near you, simply visit their website.
  • Click on the Contact Us button which will take you to where the company’s contact address.
  • Find your Location, and type in your city’s Zip code.

Eligibility Requirements for Talecris Plasma Donation

To be eligible for Plasma Donation at Talecris, one must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be in good health, between 18 and 64, and weigh at least 110 pounds.
  • In addition to the photo ID and current residence verification, you must submit a copy of your Social Security or immigration card.
  • Donations are limited to twice weekly, with a minimum of 48 hours between each.
  • You may be unable to donate plasma due to personal or medical reasons. Some examples of this are pregnancy and other medical issues, as well as travel to specific nations.

Contact Information for Talecris Centers and Customer Support

For Talecris centers and customer support, reach out to the following Donor Customer Service Line: (866) 599-1798.

Things to Do to Be Prepared for Plasma Donation at Talecris

Things to Do to Be Prepared for Plasma Donation at Talecris

There are six things to do to be prepared for Plasma Donation at Talecris:

  1. Eat a healthy meal within two hours of your visit
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Avoid smoking cigarettes prior to donating
  4. Avoid foods high in fat and cholesterol
  5. Get a good night of sleep before you donate
  6. Avoid strenuous exercising just before donating.

FAQs on How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma

These are the most frequently asked questions on How Much Does Talecris Pay for Plasma:

How much can I expect to be paid minimum for plasma donations at Talecris?

You can expect to be paid a minimum of $50 for plasma donation at Talecris.

How often can I receive payment through Talecris for my plasma donation?

At Talecris, donors can receive payment 3 times a month for their plasma donation.

Final Wrap Up

This article has answered the question, how much does Talecris pay for plasma donation? We have seen that one can earn up to $200, on average, monthly at Talecris.

We have also seen the six things one must do to be prepared for Plasma donation at Talecris and the Talecris plasma donation program overview.

If you are a plasma donor or a prospective plasma donor looking for the best plasma donation center with the best compensation, Talecris is a great option for you.