How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma? New Donors Chart

By | February 19, 2023
How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma?

Biolife being a reputable plasma donation center with locations across the United States, I was always curious about their pay rates for this year.

So, I decided to go there as a new donor and find it out.

I did some research and discovered their latest Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024, how much does Biolife pay for plasma, and their payment schedule.

How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma?

How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma?

In 2024, Biolife Plasma pays up to $75 per donation, with new donors earning up to $50 initially and up to $900 with a bonus program.

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Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024

This is the Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024:

Body WeightDonationPayment per Donation
110-149 lbsFirst Donation of the Week$25
Second Donation of the Week$45
Specialty Plasma Donation$50 – $75
150-174 lbsFirst Donation of the Week$30
Second Donation of the Week$45
Specialty Plasma Donation$50 – $75
175-399 lbsFirst Donation of the Week$35
Second Donation of the Week$45
Specialty Plasma Donation$50 – $75

For more details on current promotions and bonuses, visit our BioLife Plasma Promotions page.

How Much Does Biolife Pay New Plasma Donors?

Biolife Plasma pays new donors up to $75 per plasma donation. The compensation rate may vary depending on the donor’s weight and location. There are additional incentives for donors, such as bonuses for referring friends or family members.

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Biolife Plasma Payment Schedule

Biolife Plasma Payment Schedule

Biolife Plasma pays new donors up to $75 and returning donors up to $70 per donation, depending on their location and body weight. The payment is made via a reloadable prepaid card provided immediately after each donation.

How Much Is Biolife Paying for Plasma in 2024?

Biolife Plasma pays up to $75 per plasma donation in 2024, per the Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024. Compensation rates may vary based on location and body weight.

However, new donors can typically earn up to $50 for their first donation and up to $75 for subsequent donations. Returning donors may earn up to $70 per donation.

  • Payment is made through a BioLife PrePaid Debit Card issued immediately after each donation. You can use this card for purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs.
  • Biolife Plasma centers may offer additional incentives and bonuses to donors. For instance, some centers may offer referral bonuses for bringing in new donors or rewards programs that allow donors to earn points and redeem them for merchandise or cash.

For detailed information about the referral bonus program, please refer to the Biolife Referral Bonus section.

Detailed Breakdown of How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma?

This table shows a detailed breakdown of How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma:

PaymentBody Weight (lbs)Donation Volume (ML)Amount (USD)
First time Donor110-149400$50
New Donor150-174400$60
New Donor175-399400$70
Monthly BonusN/A8 donations in 30 days$60
Referral BonusN/AN/A$20
Specialty Plasma Donation BonusN/AN/AUp to $100 (varies depending on factors like location and donation volume)
First DonationN/AN/A$20
Second DonationN/AN/A$50
Third DonationN/AN/A$50
Fourth DonationN/AN/A$60
Fifth DonationN/AN/A$60

When Are You Considered a New Donor at Biolife?

You are considered a new donor if you have yet to donate plasma at any Biolife center in the past six months.

New donors at Biolife plasma centers often receive special incentives and bonus payments for their first few donations to encourage them to continue donating.

This company offers a frequency bonus too. Check out my Biolife Frequency Bonus article to learn more.

What is the Payment Method Biolife Uses to Pay for Plasma Donations?

Biolife Plasma compensates donors through a prepaid Visa debit card, credited with the payment amount after each donation.

If you take a look at the Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024 above, you can see that the card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, and no fees are associated. This method ensures quick and secure payment for your plasma donations.

Frequency of Donations Allowed at Biolife Plasma Centers

At Biolife Plasma Centers, you can donate up to two times in seven days, with at least one day between donations.

Biolife determines the maximum number of donations you can make in a year based on your health, weight, and other factors. This is one tip to donate plasma faster you can maximize.

How Long Does It Take to Donate Plasma at Biolife?

It takes two hours to donate plasma at Biolife from start to finish.

This is a detailed breakdown of Long Does It Take to Donate Plasma at Biolife:

  • Registration: 10-15 minutes.
  • Health screening: 30-45 minutes.
  • Plasma donation: 30-45 minutes.
  • Recovery time: 10-15 minutes.

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Factors That Affect Biolife Plasma Pay Chart

These are the Factors that can affect the Biolife Plasma Pay Chart:

  1. Body weight: The amount of plasma you can donate is directly related to your body weight. The more you weigh, the more plasma you can donate and the higher the payment you can receive.
  2. Donation frequency: Biolife Plasma Centers limits how often you can donate plasma to ensure your safety and well-being. This can affect how much you can earn in a given period.
  3. Donation volume: The amount of plasma you donate during each visit will affect your payment amount. The more plasma you donate, the more you can earn.
  4. Location: Payment amounts can vary by location due to local competition and cost of living.
  5. Promotions and incentives: Biolife Plasma Centers may offer special promotions or incentives to encourage donations, which can increase the payment amount for donors.

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FAQs on How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma

These are the most frequently asked questions on How Much Does Biolife Pay for Plasma:

What is the Minimum and Maximum Pay Rate at Biolife Plasma?

The minimum and maximum pay rate at Biolife Plasma is around $20 to $50, with additional bonuses and incentives for new and returning donors.

How Much Does Biolife Plasma Pay New Donors?

New donors can earn between $20 and $50 per donation.

Is There a Difference in Pay Rate Based on the Number of Donations Made at Biolife?

There is a difference in pay rate based on the number of donations made at BioLife because returning donors are paid based on a tiered system, where the payment amount decreases with each subsequent donation.


Donating plasma at Biolife is a great way to earn some extra cash while making a positive impact. The Biolife Plasma Pay Chart 2024 offers competitive rates for plasma donations, and donors can earn even more through various incentives and bonuses. 

Overall, donating plasma at Biolife is a rewarding experience that can benefit both the donor and those needing life-saving treatments.