Biolife Promo Code, Promotions & Coupon 2023

By | April 28, 2023
Biolife Promo Codes for Current Donors 2023

As a regular plasma donor with Biolife, I’m always thrilled when they offer promotions.

I’ve got some fantastic promo codes exclusively for Existing Customers like us, making our Biolife experience even more rewarding.

In this article, we’ll unveil all the Biolife Promo Code, ensuring your plasma donation journey is not only fulfilling but also packed with exciting rewards!

Top 5 Biolife Promo Code 2023

Biolife Promo Codes for Current Donors 2023

These are the top 5 Biolife promo codes:

  1. DONORS1000.
  2. 1000CURRENT.
  3. 500EXISTING.
  4. DONOR900.

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Comparison of The Top 5 Biolife Promo Codes for Current Donors

This is the Comparison table of the top 5 Biolife Promo Codes for Current Donors 2023:

Promo OfferCodeValidity Period
Up to $75 Bonus for New DonorsDONORS1000April 2023
$1000 for Returning Donors1000CURRENTDecember 2023
$500 for Existing Returning Donors500EXISTINGDecember 2023
$1200 for New DonorsDONOR900Not specified
$350 Refund for First Five DonationsCRAIGSLIST300Not specified

How to Get Biolife Promo Codes

Follow these steps to get Biolife promo codes:

  1. Check Biolife’s official website for current promotions and discounts for existing donors.
  2. Follow Biolife on social media platforms for updates on their latest promotions and offers.
  3. Sign up for Biolife’s email newsletter for exclusive offers and promo codes.
  4. Ask the local Biolife plasma donation center staff about current promotions or discounts for existing donors. They can provide you with promo codes or other offers unavailable online.
  5. Search online for third-party websites that offer Biolife promo codes for existing donors. Just verify the code’s validity and the website’s authenticity before using them.

After getting the promotional code, follow this guide to Transfer your Biolife Money to Bank.

How to Redeem Biolife Coupon

How to Redeem Biolife Promo Code for Existing Customers

Follow these steps to redeem Biolife Coupon:

  1. Get hold of the promo code. This may be issued directly or received after purchase for future transactions.
  2. Once you have the code, reveal and copy it.
  3. Create an account on the official Biolife Plasma website if needed.
  4. Log in and navigate to your account settings or checkout page.
  5. Enter the promo code you’ve copied into the appropriate field. Double-check the code for accuracy and validity before applying it to your purchase.
  6. Confirm the transaction and your discount should be applied.

Does Biolife Have Promotions Every Month?

BioLife offers promotions regularly. Coupons such as DONOR300 can provide up to $500 for new donors in their first month while returning donors can earn up to $280 monthly.

Check my post on Biolife Returning Donor Coupon to discover how to get a whooping sum of $1000 as a returning donor.

Frequently Asked Questions on Biolife Promo Code

The frequently asked questions on Biolife Promo Code 2023 are as follows:

Can I stack multiple Biolife promo codes for existing customers?

Biolife does not allow customers to stack multiple promo codes on a single transaction. You can only use one promo code per transaction.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on using Biolife Coupons?

Biolife Coupons are subject to certain restrictions and limitations. This includes expiration dates, specific donation centers, and eligibility requirements.

How can I find Biolife promo codes for existing customers?

Biolife promo codes for existing customers can be found on coupon websites, Biolife’s social media pages, and through Biolife’s email newsletter. You can also check with your local Biolife donation center for current promotions.

Can existing customers use promotion codes at Biolife?

Existing customers can use promotion codes at Biolife. However, promo codes for existing customers are less widely available than those for new donors.


Biolife plasma donation centers offer generous promotions and promo codes for current donors in 2023. Using promo codes like “DONOR300” or “CRAIGSLIST300,” existing donors can receive up to $500 in their first month, with subsequent donations earning up to $80 per visit.

Remember, there may be limitations to using these codes. So always read the terms and conditions that apply to each promo code carefully.

Overall, Biolife promotions and promo codes allow current donors to earn rewards for plasma donations.