Kedplasma Express Pass & Check In: How to Get

By | March 30, 2023
Kedplasma Express Pass

As a frequent plasma donor, I’m always on the lookout for ways to save time, and I have found a way to check in fast.

Let me introduce you to the Kedplasma Express Pass.

If you’re a plasma donor like me, you know that waiting in line can be a drag, but with this pass from Kedplasma, I’ve been able to breeze through the process in no time.

What is Kedplasma Express Pass?

What is Kedplasma Express Pass

Kedplasma Express Pass is a system that allows plasma donors to bypass long wait times and start their donation process as soon as they arrive. Donors can schedule appointments in advance and complete their pre-donation screening online to save time.

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How to Get the Kedplasma Express Pass

Follow these steps to get an Express Pass at Kedplasma:

  1. Visit the Kedplasma website and create an account.
  2. Before arriving, complete your pre-donation screening online or through the Express Pass app.
  3. Arrive at the donation center at your scheduled time.
  4. When you arrive at the donation center, show the staff your Express Pass confirmation email or QR code.

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How Does the Express Pass Work at Kedplasma?

When you arrive at the donation center, show the staff your Express Pass confirmation. They will then check your ID and confirm your appointment details. After that, you’ll be directed to a donation station to begin donation without registration or waiting in line.

What is the Purpose of the KedPlasma Express Check In

The purpose of the Kedplasma Express Check In is to make the plasma donation process more convenient and efficient for donors. By allowing donors to complete pre-screening online, they can carry out plasma donations quicker and easier.

Benefits of Kedplasma Express Pass

Here’s a list of benefits you enjoy while using your express pass at Kedplasma centers:

  • Shorter wait times: With the Kedplasma Express Pass, donors can skip the regular line and get priority access to the donation process. This means they wait less and can get in and out of the donation center more quickly.
  • More convenient scheduling: Donors with the Express Pass can schedule their donation appointments conveniently. This can include early morning or late evening appointments and weekend slots, allowing for greater flexibility in scheduling.
  • Streamlined donation process: Express Pass donors can skip certain steps in the donation process, such as the initial health screening, allowing them to get in and out of the center more quickly.
  • Faster and more efficient donation experience: Donors can donate more frequently with the Express Pass. The streamlined process and reduced wait times make the experience more efficient.

Criteria to Qualify for the Express Pass from Kedplasma

Criterias to Qualify for the Kedplasma Express Pass

Here are the criteria that donors need to meet to qualify for the Express Pass at Kedplasma:

  • Be a current donor: To use the Express Pass, you must be a donor at the Kedplasma Center.
  • Complete pre-screening: Donors must complete the pre-screening questionnaire online and pass the eligibility requirements.
  • Schedule an appointment: Do this by selecting a convenient date and time.
  • Confirm appointment: Donors must confirm their appointment via email or text to receive their Express Pass.
  • Bring ID and confirmation: On the appointment day, you must bring a government-issued ID and Express Pass confirmation (printed or on your mobile device).
  • Proceed to donation: Upon arrival, show your confirmation and proceed to donation.

Documents Required

These are the documents required to get an Express Pass at Kedplasma:

  • A valid, government-issued photo ID includes a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID with a photo.
  • An Express Pass confirmation: This can be printed or on your mobile device and confirms your appointment and eligibility for the Express Pass.

What is the Kedplasma Express Pass App?

The Kedplasma Express Pass App is a mobile application that allows plasma donors to schedule appointments, access their donation history, and receive real-time updates about wait times and donation center availability. It enhances the donor experience and makes the plasma donation process more convenient and efficient.

Do I need to pay for the Express Pass?

At Kedplasma, the Express Pass is free for eligible plasma donors. No additional fees or costs are associated with using the Express Pass to schedule appointments or access other benefits.

Can I use the Express Pass at any Kedplasma location?

The Express Pass is only valid at participating Kedplasma centers. You can check which centers offer the Express Pass by downloading the app or contacting Kedplasma customer service.

Does having the Express Pass exempt me from screening before donating plasma at Kedplasma?

Having the Express Pass does not exempt donors from the necessary screening process before donating plasma. The Express Pass streamlines the check-in process, but all donors must still complete the screening process for the safety of the donor and the recipient.

Where Can I Get the Kedplasma Express Pass App?

You can download the Kedplasma Express Pass app from the App Store or Google Play.


The Kedplasma Express Pass is a game-changer for plasma donors as it allows donors to enjoy shorter wait times, convenient scheduling, and a streamlined donation process.

It provides a faster and more efficient donation experience. It also increases plasma collection efficiency, benefiting patients needing life-saving treatments.

You can download the App freely from the App Store or Google Play. While the pass does not exempt donors from screening before donating plasma, it can save valuable time and provide a smoother overall experience.