Do Charity Shops Take Duvets & Best Places to Donate Them

By | May 5, 2022
Do Charity Shops Take Duvet donations

I just bought a new duvet so I decided to donate my old one, which was already in pretty good condition. But then a question struck my mind, do charity shops take duvets? I did a bit of digging and here’s what I found.

Do Charity Shops Take Duvets

Yes, some charity shops still take duvets, but the majority of them do not. The main reason for this is a lack of huge storage spaces.

Another major reason is that charity shops have limited space and it is already preoccupied with lots of donations. Hence they aren’t able to accept the duvets if space is minimal.

Therefore, the charity shops prefer to take duvets at seasons when they are easier to sell, such as the beginning of autumn or after Christmas when the weather turns chilly. So, it is necessary to search for and select the appropriate charity shops before proceeding with the contribution.

If you are wondering like me about do charity shops take duvets and if yes, where do I give them? Don’t worry, I have made a list of the best charity shops in the UK that accept duvet donations.

Top 7 Charity Shops That Take Duvets in the UK

top charities for duvet donation

If you are wondering, do charity shops take duvets or where do I donate them, here are the 7 best charity shops in the United Kingdom:

  1. Transport Housing & Support

Transport Accommodation and Support is a local England-based organization that provides high-quality housing to help individuals improve, enhance, and uplift their lifestyles. This agency has been assisting people for more than 45 years. Single duvets, duvet covers, mattresses, pillows, and pillow covers are all accepted.

  1. Dreams Limited

Dreams Limited, based in England and Wales, is the UK’s number one bed retailer, and it accepts duvets as a donation item. It acquires and sells duvets of all sizes, including single, double, and king.

  1. Emmaus Merseyside Charity Superstore

Emmaus Merseyside is an award-winning company that collects charity products such as duvets, clothing, and other items and then reinvests the profits in the help of homeless people.

  1. British Heart Foundation

Yet another agency accepts duvets from vendors to provide appropriate care and protection to those in need. The primary goal of this organization is to prevent people from acquiring heart and circulation illnesses and offer necessary treatment when they do.

  1. Cancer Research UK

This organization seeks to fund doctors, scientists, and nurses who offer cancer patients care and therapies. It also accepts good-condition duvets and duvet covers. As a result, you can donate the items here.

  1. Barnado’s

It is a charitable organization that provides services and collects money to provide critical care to disadvantaged children. It is considered the UK’s number one children’s charity firm in charitable expenditure.

  1. Age UK Oldham Retail Shop

Age Oldham’s retail shop accepts donations of books, children’s clothing and accessories, and home essentials such as duvets, with the funds raised supporting various projects and activities.

If you live in or around Edinburgh, check out our article on Furniture Charity Shops Edinburgh.

Do Charity Shops Take Old Duvets?

No, the charity shops don’t accept old duvets that are torn or stripped.  However, if they are in good condition, some charity shops may accept them. The reason for not accepting torn and used duvets is the disposal issue and scarcity of proper space to handle the bulky duvets.

Do Charity Shops Take Duvet Covers?

Yes, charity shops accept duvet covers and sheets as donations but only if they are clean and in a usable condition.

How Do Charity Shops That Take Duvets Handle Shipping?

Container shipping is the most common means of transport for duvets. People who want to give duvets can drop them off at a local business that takes them or contact them online using services like olio, Freecycle, or Shpock. Once the charity shop accepts it, the duvets are neatly packaged and covered to prevent dirt from attacking them, and the shipment may begin via container shipping.

will charity shops provide shipping for duvets

How to Choose the Right Charity Shop for your Duvet Donation

Choosing the proper charity shop is vital to ensuring that your donations reach the right people. Here are some tips on how to locate the best charity shops:

  1. It is evaluative to determine whether or not a charity takes duvets. Otherwise, returning with the heavy duvets will be extremely difficult.
  2. Reviewing the ratings and reviews might assist you in making an informed decision regarding their services.
  3. Some websites, such as olio, can help you find good establishments in your area that meet your needs.

What Type of Duvets Are Not Accepted by Charity Shops?

The types of duvets that charity shops do not accept are old and torn duvets. These duvets may have synthetic fillings that shed and are thus unfriendly to the environment. Due to disposal concerns and the danger of the shop becoming a dumping ground, even new duvets are not accepted by some charities. Even donating torn duvets does not make any sense, as it is of no use.

Then why do charity shops take duvets? The duvets which are clean and in good condition are easier to sell, hence some charity shops accept them.

What Will They Do with Your Duvet Donations?

Charity shops are typically stores that offer donated things at low costs to collect funds for the poor, needy, and sick. This can assist the underprivileged in achieving a more tolerable way of living and aid in education and treatments of several diseases.

Recycling vs. Donating your Duvet

recycle or donate your duvet

Duvets are typically constructed of two to three layers of synthetic fillings securely stitched together. These synthetic fillers are not recyclable. As a result, duvets cannot recycle because they are not eco-friendly.

However, donating the duvets in the most appropriate format might benefit the agent in need. You can present the materials to provide comfort and warmth to the rescued animals. At the same time, you can donate to the people in homeless shelters or help them indirectly through charity shops. Helping others is the most crucial aspect that selfless favour should consider as you provide a better position to the people and animals. Hence Donation is the most appropriate option to choose.


The answer to do charity shops take duvets might be clear now. Recycling can be an intelligent alternative for old products, but it can be a horrible idea for duvets. Many charity shops refuse to accept it as a donation due to its bulky size, storage concerns, shipping issues, and environmental hazards. It is a fantastic idea to donate the duvets to those who require them to improve their cold nights. It’s also good to look for websites where the duvets can be displayed. Improved duvet manufacture is underway to achieve an environmentally friendly goal with these considerations in mind.