Biotest Plasma Pay: How Much for New, Regular Donor

By | October 5, 2023
Biotest Plasma Pay

When I first considered donating plasma at Biotest centers, the big question was, “How much can I actually make?” Especially as a newbie!

But as time went on and I became a regular, my earnings shifted, and so did my perspective.

If you’re wondering about the compensation breakdown for both new and regular donors at Biotest Plasma, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll break down the Biotest Plasma Pay amount, schedule, etc, to help you understand how much money you can make.

How Much Does Biotest Plasma Pay?

How Much Does Biotest Plasma Pay?

New donors at Biotest Plasma earn up to $30 to $45 as compensation for each donation. However, these prices vary depending on the weight of the donor.

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Biotest Plasma Pay Chart

This is the Biotest Plasma Pay chart.

Donation Number in the MonthPayment AmountBody Weight RequirementPayment Method
1st$30110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
2nd$35110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
3rd$30110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
4th$35110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
5th$35110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
6th$40110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
7th$35110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
8th$35110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
9th$45110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard
10th$45110+ lbsPrepaid Mastercard

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Biotest Plasma Pay Schedule

The payment schedule at Biotest Plasma is based on a 10 donation monthly schedule. This means a donor can donate plasma up to 10 times per month and make a certain amount of money at each donation. This pay is between $30 to $45 per donation.

For example, you can make #30 each from your first and third donations and $35 each from your second, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth donations. $40 at the 6th donation and $45 at the 10th donation.

Biotest pays donors with a reloadable prepaid MasterCard debit card. Payments are usually made within 24 hours of a successful donation.

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Breakdown of Biotest Plasma Payment Amounts

Breakdown of Biotest Plasma Pay Amounts

This table shows the Breakdown of Payment Amounts at Biotest Plasma:

Donation NumberPayment AmountBody Weight RequirementPayment Schedule
5 five donations for new donors$50110+ lbsOnce a week
1st, 3rd for subsequent donations$30110+ lbsOnce a week
2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th subsequent donations$35110+ lbsOnce a week
6th subsequent donations$40110+ lbsOnce a week
9th, 10th subsequent donations$45110+ lbsOnce a week

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What Payment Method Does Biotest Use to Pay for Plasma Donations?

Biotest Plasma provides donors with a prepaid MasterCard that can be used anywhere. It securely holds your payment, including any bonuses, with balance updates conveniently accessible through its website or app.

Does Biotest Plasma Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Donors are paid weekly, meaning Biotest plasma donors receive payment every 7 days.

Frequency of Donations Allowed at Biotest Plasma

You can donate plasma twice weekly at Biotest Plasma, with a minimum of 48 hours between donations. This means you can donate up to two times in seven days.

Factors Affecting Biotest Plasma Pay

These are the factors affecting Payment at Biotest Plasma Center:

  1. Body Weight: The amount of plasma you can safely give depends on your weight. Heavier donors can usually provide more plasma and, in turn, receive higher compensation.
  2. Donation Volume: At Biotest Plasma, the maximum donation volume is 800 mL. Consistently donating this amount can lead to higher earnings compared to smaller donations.
  3. Donation Frequency: Donors are paid for each donation. Regular donors can earn more money by giving plasma twice weekly with a 24-hour gap between sessions.
  4. Location: Payment rates can differ based on location and the local cost of living. Donors in high-cost areas may receive higher compensation. Some centers may also offer special bonuses or incentives affecting pay rates.
  5. Donor Status: First-time donors might receive extra incentives, like higher pay rates for their initial donations. Returning donors could be eligible for bonuses based on how often they donate or the volume of plasma they provide.
  6. Donation Center Policies: Certain centers may have additional perks, such as referral bonuses for donors who bring in others to donate plasma. The policies specific to each center can impact the rates of compensation.

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How Much Does Biotest Pay for Plasma First Time?

Biotest Plasma pays new donors the sum of $50 for first time donations.

FAQs on the Biotest Plasma Pay

These are the frequently asked questions on Biotest Plasma Pay:

Are the Payment Rates at the Biotest Plasma Fixed?

The payment rates at Biotest Plasma are not fixed. They may vary depending on donation volume, body weight, donation schedule, location, and special promotions.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Donating Plasma at Biotest Plasma?

There are age restrictions for donating plasma at Biotest Plasma. You must be at least 18 years old to donate.

How Much Does Biotest Pay for Plasma Donations?

Freedom Plasma pays between $30- to $45 for donations. Payment per donation varies based on weight, plasma volume, being a first-time donor, military veteran/first responder, or referring a friend.

Can One Earn More Money by Referring Friends to Biotest Plasma?

Biotest Plasma offers a referral program. Donors can earn up to $150 for each friend they refer who successfully donates plasma.


Biotest Plasma offers a convenient way to donate plasma and earn money. It’s a win-win for donors and those in need of life-saving treatments. By participating, you can make a difference in your community while also benefiting financially.