Freedom Plasma Pay Chart: How Much Pay for New Donors

By | July 18, 2023
Freedom Plasma Pay Chart

Are you considering donating to Freedom Plasma but unsure about the financial returns?

I’ve got you covered!

I recently got my hands on the most recent Freedom Plasma Pay Chart, straight from my local center.

This article explains how much Freedom Plasma pay new donors, their payment schedule, and more.

Freedom Plasma Pay Chart

Freedom Plasma Pay Chart

This is the Freedom Plasma Pay Chart:

Body WeightFirst DonationSubsequent DonationHero BonusFuel BonusReferral BonusPayment SchedulePayment Method
110-119 lbs$30$40$10$20$100Once per weekPrepaid debit card
120-149 lbs$35$45$10$20$100Once per weekPrepaid debit card
150-174 lbs$40$50$10$20$100Once per weekPrepaid debit card
175-199 lbs$45$55$10$20$100Once per weekPrepaid debit card
200+ lbs$50$60$10$20$100Once per weekPrepaid debit card

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Freedom Plasma Pay Schedule

The Freedom Plasma Pay Schedule includes $30 for first-time donors, $40 for subsequent donations, a $10 bonus for military veterans and first responders, and a $100 referral bonus for each friend who donates plasma.

Payments are made once per week through a prepaid debit card.

How Much Does Freedom Plasma Pay New Donors?

You can earn $30 to $40 per donation, plus a $10 bonus if you are a military veteran or first responder and a $100 bonus for each friend you refer who donates plasma.

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Breakdown of Payment Amounts at Freedom Plasma

This is a breakdown of Payment Amounts at Freedom Plasma:

CategoryBody Weight (lbs)Donation Volume (mL)Amount (USD)
First-time donation110-119600$30
Subsequent donation110-119600$40
Hero Bonus (military veterans and first responders)AnyAny$10
Referral BonusAnyAny$100

What Payment Method Does Freedom Use to Pay for Plasma Donations?

Freedom Plasma pays donors with a prepaid debit card. Issued by Freedom Plasma, it works like a Mastercard and can be used anywhere. The card holds your payment, including bonuses, and balance updates are available on their website or app.

Factors Affecting Freedom Plasma Pay

These are the factors affecting Freedom Plasma Pay:

  1. Body weight: The amount of plasma you can safely donate depends on your weight. Donors who weigh more can usually donate more plasma and earn higher compensation.
  2. Donation volume: Freedom Plasma has a maximum donation volume of 800 mL. Donors who consistently donate this amount can earn more than those who donate smaller volumes.
  3. Frequency of donations: Donors are paid per donation. Donors who donate regularly, up to twice per week with a 24-hour break between donations, can earn more money.
  4. Location: Pay rates can vary based on the region and cost of living. Donors in higher-cost areas may receive higher compensation. Some centers may offer bonuses or incentives that impact pay rates.
  5. Donor status: First-time donors may receive special incentives, such as higher pay rates for their initial donations. Returning donors may also be eligible for bonuses based on donation frequency or volume.
  6. Donation center policies: Some centers may have additional incentives, like referral bonuses for donors who refer others to donate plasma. Center-specific policies can affect pay rates.

Does Freedom Plasma Pay Weekly or Biweekly?

Freedom Plasma pays weekly, so donors are to receive payment every seven days.

Frequency of Donations Allowed at Freedom Plasma

how much does Freedom Plasma pay new donors

At Freedom Plasma, you can donate plasma twice weekly, with a minimum of 48 hours between donations. This means you can donate up to two times in a seven-day period.

How Much Does Freedom Plasma in Statesboro Pay?

Freedom Plasma in Statesboro, GA, pays $30 for first-time donations and $40 for subsequent donations, with additional bonuses for military veterans, first responders, and referrals.

How Much Does Freedom Plasma Pay Per Donation?

Freedom Plasma pays $30 for the first donation. Payment per donation varies based on weight, plasma volume, and factors like being a first-time donor, military veteran/first responder, or referring a friend.

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FAQs about Freedom Plasma Pay Chart

These are the Frequently Asked Questions about Freedom Plasma Pay Chart:

Are the Payment Rates on the Freedom Plasma Pay Chart Fixed?

The payment rates on the pay charts at Freedom Plasma centers are not fixed.

How Can I Calculate My Potential Earnings Using the Freedom Plasma Pay Chart?

Determine your donation type (first-time, subsequent, or referral).
Identify your weight category.
Find the corresponding payment amount on the chart
Multiply the payment amount by the donations you plan to make.
Add any applicable bonuses or incentives.
The total is your estimated potential earnings.


The Freedom Plasma Pay Chart is your key to unlocking earning potential while making a difference. With clear payment rates for different donation types and weight categories, it’s easy to calculate your potential earnings. Whether you’re a first-time donor, a repeat donor, or referring a friend, the chart provides transparency and motivation. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn while contributing to life-saving treatments. Take advantage of the Freedom Plasma Pay Chart and be rewarded for your generosity.