Octapharma Promotions: Top 5 & How to Get

By | August 5, 2023
Octapharma Promotions

I got to know about the ongoing promotions at Octapharma Plasma through my friend, who is one of their regular donors.

After hearing about the wide range of promotions and incentives to encourage plasma donation, I couldn’t but consider joining.

This article explores the various Octapharma Promotions, rewards, and benefits donors can enjoy and how to participate.

What Are Octapharma Promotions?

What Are Octapharma Plasma Promotions?

Octapharma promotions refer to various incentives and bonuses offered by Octapharma Plasma, a plasma donation center, to encourage individuals to donate plasma. These promotions are designed to attract new and returning donors, rewarding them for their generosity and commitment to the cause of providing life saving plasma based medicines.

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Top 5 Octapharma Promotions

The top 5 Octapharma Promotions are:

1. New Donor Bonus

First time plasma donors are eligible for a New Donor Bonus. The bonus amount can vary by location, but it could be a few hundred dollars during the first month. To qualify, new donors can earn $50 for each of their first five plasma donations.

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2. Return Donor Payment Increase

Returning donors receive $50 for each of their first five plasma donations. Afterward, they can earn up to $65 per donation.

Octapharma Plasma provides a Payment Program Calculator for return donors to determine their pay level based on the number of donations given in the past 35 days and their weight class.

3. Refer a Friend Program

Existing donors can refer friends to Octapharma Plasma and earn up to $100 per referred person. After the friend completes their initial donation, the referrer receives $50 and an additional $25 after the friend’s second donation.

It’s important to note that the referred friends must be first time donors for the referrer to qualify for referral payments.

4. OctaRewards for Loyal Donors

Octapharma Plasma offers a loyalty program called “OctaRewards” for loyal donors.

Loyal donors can earn points and become eligible for special rewards such as e gift cards, Express passes, and participation in sweepstakes promotions.

The program includes various ways to earn and accumulate points throughout the year.

5. Octapharma Plasma’s Holiday and Seasonal Promotions

Octapharma Plasma offers holiday and seasonal promotions to incentivize donors and attract new donors during specific periods of the year.

They have a New Year’s Bonus where new donors can earn an extra $100 in January, on top of their regular compensation for each plasma donation.

During February, donors can benefit from a Valentine’s Day Bonus, receiving an extra $20 for their second donation.

In March, there’s a St. Patrick’s Day Bonus, offering an additional $20 for the second donation of the month.

In April, they have a Spring Bonus, providing an extra $10 for the first donation and an additional $20 for the second donation, along with regular compensation.

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How to Get Octapharma Promotions

How to get Octapharma Promotions

Follow these steps to get Octapharma Promotions:

  1. Go to the Octapharma Website for the latest promotions, rewards, and bonus information. Ensure you are on the correct website to avoid scams or misinformation.
  2. Look for the dedicated “Promotions” or “Special Offers” page on the Octapharma Plasma website.
  3. Before participating in any promotion, understand the associated terms and conditions. This will help you know the requirements and eligibility criteria to maximize your benefits.
  4. Visit the nearest Octapharama donation center to donate plasma
  5. Inquire about any ongoing or upcoming promotions. The staff will provide you with specific details and answer any questions you may have.
  6. Enroll in Octapharma Plasma’s loyalty program, such as OctaRewards. You may qualify for exclusive promotions and additional rewards by being a loyal donor and donating regularly.
  7. Take advantage of the “Refer a Friend” program. Invite friends and family to donate at Octapharma Plasma, and you could earn referral bonuses when they become first time donors.
  8. Stay connected with Octapharma Plasma on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They often announce promotions and exclusive deals on their social media pages.
  9. Consider subscribing to Octapharma Plasma’s newsletters or email updates. This way, you’ll receive direct notifications about new promotions and upcoming offers.
  10. Keep yourself updated on the latest news and announcements related to Octapharma Plasma promotions. Regularly check their website, social media pages, and other official communication channels.
  11. Look for promotions targeting donors during holidays or special occasions. Take advantage of these opportunities to donate plasma and earn extra bonuses or rewards.

Octapharma Promotions Comparison Table

This table compares all the Octapharma Promotions:

Promotion TypeBonus AmountEligibilityHow to Participate
New Donor BonusUp to $1,000Various rewards including Express Passes, E gift cards, Blankets, and Sweepstakes entries for bigger prizes.Complete a certain number of plasma donations within a specified timeframe.
Return Donor Payment IncreaseUp to $65 per donationReturning donorsDonate regularly, and the payment per donation may increase based on weight and donation frequency.
Refer a Friend ProgramUp to $75 per referralExisting donorsDownload OctaApp, generate a Refer a Friend code, and refer new, first time donors to Octapharma Plasma.
OctaRewardsJoin the OctaRewards program, earn points for each plasma donation, and qualify for rewards based on points earned.Loyal donorsJoin the OctaRewards program, and earn points for each plasma donation, and qualify for rewards based on points earned.
Holiday & Seasonal PromotionsVaries by offer:
New Year’s Bonus: Up to $100 in January.
Valentine’s Day Bonus: $20 for the second donation in February.
St. Patrick’s Day Bonus: $20 for the second donation in March
Spring Bonus: $10 for the first donation and $20 for the second donation in April.
All donorsParticipate by donating plasma during the respective holiday or seasonal period to earn the bonus amount specified for each promotion.

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Qualification Criteria

The qualification criteria to get Octapharma Promotions are:

  • Donors typically need to be at least 18 years old to donate plasma. Some centres may also have a maximum age limit, often up to 69 years old.
  • Donors must meet a minimum weight requirement, usually at least 110 pounds (approximately 50 kilograms).
  • Donors must be healthy and meet specific health requirements for Octapharma Plasma sets. This ensures the safety of both the donor and the plasma recipients.
  • Donors must present a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify their identity.
  • Donors need to provide their SSNs to verify their identity and for record keeping purposes.
  • Some donation centres may require proof of residency, such as a utility bill or other official documents, to verify the donor’s address.
  • Donors must provide information about their medical history and may be screened for specific health conditions to ensure eligibility.
  • Depending on the centre’s policies, donors may have to wait for a certain period (usually four months) after getting a piercing or tattoo before they can donate.
  • Donors who have recently travelled to certain countries or regions with health risks may be deferred from donating for a specific period.

What Is the Purpose of The Octapharma Promotions?

Generally, the Purpose of the Octapharma Promotions is to support Octapharma’s mission of producing life saving medicines from donated plasma while engaging donors and ensuring a stable supply. However, other purposes of the Octapharma Promotions include:

  • Attracting new donors by offering cash bonuses or incentives like the New Donor Bonus.
  • Retain returning donors with promotions like the Return Donor Payment Increase.
  • Increase plasma volumes during specific periods with holiday and seasonal promotions.
  • Reward loyalty through the OctaRewards program, offering perks like express passes and e gift cards.
  • Encourage existing donors to refer friends and family through the Refer a Friend Program.
  • Build positive relationships with donors by expressing appreciation and creating a sense of community.
  • Raise public awareness about the importance of plasma donation and its impact on patients in need.

Benefits of Participating in The Octapharma Plasma Promotions

The benefits of participating in the Octapharma Plasma Promotions are:

  • Donors earn extra money through various bonuses and incentives.
  • Receive rewards like express passes, e gift cards, and blankets through the OctaRewards program.
  • Earn referral bonuses for inviting new donors to Octapharma Plasma.
  • Stay engaged and contribute to a stable plasma supply.
  • Become part of a community supporting a vital cause.
  • Opportunity to raise public awareness about the importance of plasma donation.
  • Convenient rewards management through OctaApp.
  • Donors feel appreciated and valued for their contributions.

FAQs about Octapharma Promotions

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Octapharma Promotions:

Does the Octapharma Plasma Promotion vary per location?

The Octapharma Plasma Promotion may vary by location. The specific bonus amounts, rewards, and eligibility criteria for promotions can differ based on the policies and regulations of individual Octapharma Plasma donation centers.

How long does the Octapharma Plasma Promotion last?

The duration of Octapharma Plasma Promotions varies. It’s best to check with your local Octapharma Plasma donation center or their official website for current promotion durations.

How often does Octapharma offer Promotions?

Octapharma offers promotions periodically throughout the year. The frequency and details of promotions can vary, so staying informed through their website or donation centers is advisable.

Can I still donate plasma for money at Octapharma without participating in a promotion?

Donors can still donate plasma for compensation at Octapharma Plasma centers without participating in a specific promotion.


Octapharma Promotions provide enticing incentives for donors to participate in plasma donation and support their mission of producing life saving medicines. The New Donor Bonus, Return Donor Payment Increase, and various holiday and seasonal promotions offer financial rewards, making plasma donation a rewarding experience.

These promotions not only benefit donors financially but also contribute to a stable plasma supply and raise public awareness about the importance of plasma donation.