Donate Hair 10 Inches | Top 5 Places for 10″ Donation & How

By | January 4, 2023
Donate Hair 10 Inches

Are you looking for a way to make a positive impact in the world? One simple and meaningful option is to donate your hair.

Donating my 10 ” hair was a small sacrifice for me, but it made a big difference for the person who received it.

That is why I wrote this article to help you understand how and where to Donate Hair 10 Inches.

Can you Donate Hair 10 Inches?

Can I Donate Hair 10 Inches

You can donate hair that is at least 10 inches. Organizations like Locks of Love accept hair donations of this length, which is necessary to create full wigs for those in need. If you have at least 10 inches of hair to spare, contact a local hair donation organization to learn more about the process.

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Top 5 Places to Donate Hair 10 Inches

These are the Top 5 Places to Donate Hair 10 Inches:

1. Wigs For Kids

Wigs for Kids has been one of the most established hair donation organizations for over 30 years. They have made wigs and provided them to children suffering from severe hair loss. The natural hair wigs they make are carefully designed to look like children’s own hair and help them stay comfortable during sports and playground activities.

2. Hair We Share

Hair We Share designs human hair wigs and donates them to people suffering from hair loss and financial hardship. Many people have experienced hair loss due to radiation therapy for cancer, and many have been diagnosed with alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease that causes permanent hair loss. For your hair to be accepted, you have to wrap it in a plastic bag. Hair We Share also accepts gray hair, making it a great solution for those who already have a little grey on their head.

3. Locks of Love

Locks of Love understands that hair loss can damage one’s self-confidence. This is why they have been tailoring hair donations and making wigs, especially for underprivileged children since 1997. Locks of Love makes the hair donation process very easy and specific instructions like: colored or permed hair and a minimum of 10 Inches of hair is allowed, no dreadlocks, no bleached hair, hair must be in a ponytail before you send it in, and so on.

4. Children With Hair Loss

Children With Hair Loss provides free human hair replacements for children and adolescents undergoing medical-related hair loss. Regina Villemure, an expert in hair replacement systems, started Children With Hair Loss after learning that her 3-year-old niece had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The non-profit is growing and is also one of the few organizations that accept donations of short 8- to 10-inch hair.

5. Matter of Trust

Matter of Trust is another hair donation organization dedicated to improving the environment. This organization collects clippings from groomers, salons, and individuals, and natural fibers can be matted into mats and used to suck up petrochemical contaminants and oil spills from waterways. The easily conformable hair mats that are produced prevent soil erosion, aid wildlife habitat and help keep storm drains debris free.

Cutting and Styling Your Hair for A 10 Inch Donation

Cutting and Styling Your Hair for A 10 Inch Donation

Before you can donate hair, you need to know how to cut and style it. Here are a few steps to follow to cut and style your hair for a 10 inch donation:

  1. Before you start the procedure, your hair must be clean and dry.
  2. If you want to make a more generous donation, tie your hair in at least 4-6 clumps around your head.
  3. Ensure that you secure every ponytail or braid tightly.
  4. Cut your hair above the rubber band.
  5. Wrap each ponytail in tissue paper and place it in a plastic bag.

How to Prepare to Donate Hair 10 Inches?

The following guidelines should be adhered to when preparing for a hair donation of 10 Inches:

  • Towel dry your hair before using a blow dryer to reduce heat damage.
  • Use quality dryer and styling tools.
  • When using styling tools, you can use a leave-in conditioner for added protection from heat damage.
  • Condition your hair after every shampoo to keep it healthy.
  • Regular brushing improves hair health. After showering, use a wet brush or comb on wet hair to gently detangle it.

How to Donate Hair 10 Inches?

Follow these steps to donate hair 10 inches:

  1. Make sure that your hair is healthy.
  2. Make sure that your hair is clean and dry before you donate.
  3. Your salon should be familiar with the hair donation process before you cut your hair.
  4. Ensure the donation requirements are followed.
  5. A minimum of 10 Inches is acceptable for donation.
  6. Section your hair and tie it in ponytails.
  7. Package your hair neatly in a sealed plastic bag along with your name and whatever additional information the organization needs.

Where to Donate Hair Canada 10 Inches?

You can donate your 10-inch hair to Chai Lifeline in Canada adhering to the following instructions:

  • You can only donate a minimum of 10 inches in length of hair.
  • You can donate hair that has been colored or treated.
  • Mail or drop off your donation to our offices in Toronto.
  • Hair should be tied up with an elastic band (ponytail or braid) and sealed in a pouch.

Is 10 Inches of Hair Enough to Donate?

10 inches of hair is typically enough to donate. Many organizations that accept hair donations, such as Locks of Love, have a minimum length requirement of 10 inches. This length is necessary because it is used to create wigs for those in need, and 10 inches is the minimum amount needed to create a full wig.

Can I Donate Less than 10 Inches of Hair?

While many organizations that accept hair donations have a minimum length requirement of 10 inches, there are some that will accept donations of shorter hair.

For example, Children with Hair Loss, a non-profit organization that provides hair replacements for children experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions, accepts donations of hair that are at least 7 inches in length.

But, if you have just 6″ hair to donate, check out my article on Hair Donation 6 Inches.

Where to Donate Hair Less than 10 Inches?

If your hair has not reached the 10 inch cut, Children With Hair Loss will accept donated hair that is at least 8 inches long. Children With Hair Loss donates wigs to young people under the age of 21 and prefers hair that has not been chemically treated, but the organization accepts good quality hair, including gray hair.


Donating hair is a practical, non-monetary way to give back and benefit directly to people with cancer and other medical conditions. Organizations have different requirements for donating hair, but even if you don’t meet their requirements, there are a few ways you can put your hair to good use. Most organizations will take a minimum of 8 inches and a maximum of 14 inches of donated hair.