Top 5 BPL Plasma Promotions, Coupons, Bonus, Rewards

By | December 10, 2023
BPL Plasma Promotions

Just the other day, a friend asked me to help find the best plasma donation promotions.

My search led me to BPL Plasma, and I was impressed!

In this article, I’ve rounded up the top 5 BPL Plasma Promotions, Coupons, Bonus and Rewards that are worth checking.

What are BPL Plasma Promotions?

What are BPL Plasma Promotions?

BPL Plasma promotions are incentives offered to plasma donors, including financial compensation for donors, referral bonuses, and special occasion rewards. These incentives encourage plasma donations, which are essential for medical treatments.

These promotions from BPL Plasma are a way to thank donors for their vital contributions to their donation centers.

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Top 5 BPL Plasma Promotions

These are the top 5 BPL Plasma Promotions:

1. Loyalty Bonuses

This incentive rewards consistent donors with bonuses on specific donation milestones.

From the 6th donation, donors receive varying bonus amounts for each subsequent donation up to the 10th donation.

These bonuses range from $10 to $70 based on the donation number.

2. New Donor Rates

A structured rate system is in place for new donors’ initial donations.

The first two donations are $100 each, followed by the next two at $50 each and the fifth at $75.

3. Frequency Bonuses

In addition to the new donor rates, donors receive additional bonuses for specific frequencies of donations.

On the 6th and 8th donations, automatic bonuses of $20 and $60, respectively, are awarded, encouraging consistent contributions.

4. Buddy Referral Program

This program benefits both the referring donor and the new donor.

When a current donor refers someone new, both parties receive a $15 bonus upon the new donor’s first donation.

It’s a mutually beneficial incentive for existing donors to introduce others to the donation program.

5. Additional Bonus for Repeat Donors

All repeat donors receive an extra $20 bonus on top of their donation amount with each contribution.

This bonus is automatic and applies to every subsequent donation after the initial one, encouraging continued support.

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Top 4 BPL Plasma Promotions for Current Donors

These are the Top 4 BPL Plasma Promotions for Current Donors:

  1. $30 bonus for the 6th donation
  2. $20 bonus for each donation for repeat donors
  3. $100 for the first donation for new donors
  4. $15 bonus for both the referring donor and the new donor for the new donor’s first donation

How to Get BPL Plasma Promotions

How to Get BPL Plasma Promotions

Follow these steps to get BPL Plasma Promotions:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure you meet the criteria: be at least 18, weigh 110 pounds or more, be in good health, possess a valid photo ID, and reside within the donation recruitment area of your preferred facility.
  2. Locate a BPL Plasma Center: Use the BPL Plasma website or app to find a convenient nearby center.
  3. Make an Appointment: Schedule your donation either online through their website or by calling the donation center directly.
  4. Complete New Donor Paperwork: Fill out a medical history questionnaire and bring a valid photo ID when visiting the center.
  5. Undergo a Physical Examination: A medical professional at BPL Plasma will review your medical history, conduct a physical exam, and take a blood sample to assess your protein and iron levels.
  6. Plasma Donation Process: The donation typically takes about an hour. You’ll sit in a comfortable chair, receive a snack and a beverage, and have a needle inserted into your arm to collect your plasma. Your red blood cells will be returned to your body during the process.
  7. Receive Rewards: BPL Plasma often provides incentives to donors, such as cash bonuses, gift cards, and entries into prize drawings, both for new and returning donors.

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Purpose of the BPL Plasma Promotions

These are the Purpose of the BPL Plasma Promotions:

  1. Attracting New Donors with Incentives: Incentives like bonuses and referral fees are offered, providing extra benefits for joining and bringing others along.
  2. Retaining Current Donors through Promotions and Rewards: Continuous promotions and rewards are provided to maintain the support of current donors, ensuring their ongoing commitment to our cause.
  3. Encouraging More Frequent Donations: Donors are encouraged to contribute more frequently, emphasizing the significance of each donation and its impact on improving lives.
  4. Raising Awareness for Plasma Donations’ Importance: Efforts are made to increase awareness about the critical need for plasma donations and the positive impact donors can have on patients’ lives.
  5. Generating Revenue for BPL Plasma’s Cause: By supporting our cause, donors play a crucial role in enabling BPL Plasma to sustain the provision of high-quality plasma products to those in need.

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Benefits of Getting BPL Plasma Bonus, Rewards

These are the Benefits of getting BPL Plasma Bonus, Rewards:

  1. Financial Compensation: Donors receive compensation for their time and contribution to producing life-saving plasma-based therapies. The amount varies based on weight, donation frequency, and location.
  2. Making a Difference: Plasma donations are crucial for creating medications that treat various medical conditions like immunodeficiency disorders, blood disorders, burns, and trauma. Your donation positively impacts numerous lives worldwide.
  3. Health Benefits: Regular plasma donation can enhance your overall health. The process helps maintain fluid and protein balance and can boost your immune system.
  4. Convenient Schedule: BPL Plasma centres offer extended hours and flexible schedules to fit your busy life. You can book appointments online or by phone, and walk-ins are welcome.
  5. Safe Environment: BPL Plasma centres prioritize safety and comfort. Skilled medical professionals staff the centres, ensuring a positive donation experience for all donors.

Qualification Criteria for BPL Plasma Coupons, Bonus, Rewards

These are the Qualification Criteria for the BPL Plasma Promotion:

New Donors Eligibility

These are the qualification criteria for New Donors:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Have a valid form of identification
  3. Weigh at least 110 pounds
  4. Be in general good health
  5. Pass a physical examination
  6. Test negative for certain diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis.

Current Donors Eligibility

These are the qualification criteria for Current Donors:

  1. Must be an active donor at a BPL Plasma centre
  2. Make at least eight donations in four months.

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FAQs on BPL Plasma Coupons, Bonus, Rewards

These are the frequently asked questions on BPL PLasma Promotions:

Does the BPL Plasma Promotion Vary Per Location?

Yes, promotions from BPL Plasma vary by location. Donor promotional fees can also change at any time.

How Long Does the BPL Plasma Promotion Last?

These are rgular promotions that are offered every month and they do not have an end.

How Often Does BPL Offer Promotions?

BPL Plasma offers monthly promotions and referral fees for active donors. Donors can also earn points for every donation and other promotions.

Can I Still Donate Plasma for Money at BPL Without Participating in a Promotion?

You can still donate plasma for money at BPL Plasma without participating in a promotion.


BPL Plasma Promotions offers fantastic deals and rewards for donors. Various incentives, like bonus payments and referral perks, encourage participation.

These promotions benefit donors financially, support crucial medical research, and help save lives. BPL Plasma’s ongoing efforts to reward donors while contributing to society make it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Joining their promotions means giving back and gaining something extra, too!