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Can You Donate Plasma if You Take Adderall? Explained

Yes, you can donate plasma if you take Adderall. But, you should check with your doctor first because the FDA requires that you get a special waiver to donate plasma if you take stimulant medication like Adderall or Ritalin. However, the easy solution would be for you to wait for 2 weeks and donate thereafter. In this article… Read More »

Is It Safe to Donate Plasma Twice a Week? Explained

Are you considering donating plasma twice a week? I know I was! As someone who has been donating plasma regularly for a while now, I can tell you the question of whether Is It Safe to Donate Plasma Twice a Week? popped up in my mind quite frequently. So, I did some research, talked to some experts, and… Read More »

Is Donating Plasma Painful? Detailed Explanation

If you are wondering is donating plasma painful, let me tell you that donating plasma can hurt. However, it is a sharp mild pain and it only lasts only for a few seconds. For most people, there is no risk of developing anemia or other problems as a result of donating plasma. In this article, we’ll discuss these… Read More »