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By | December 15, 2019
places to donate cars

There was a time when people only gave during the holiday season when the charity was limited to your spare change or old clothes. There was a time when most of our country’s needs could be met through government programs and when charities were just an emergency alternative. Donate cars NY have become increasingly important. Consider the old saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.

Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” The meaning of this saying in many ways sums up the benefits of car donation NYC. Times have changed and so have charities. People are now looking for places to donate cars. What once would have seemed enough is not enough, and there are more people in need now than ever before.

When you donate food or clothes or money, you are giving a family in need of temporary help. When you donate a car, you are giving them a chance at a new life. Donate cars NY have changed the face of charitable giving. Many people have wondered what they could do to address the growing poverty problem, but are reluctant to give big cash donations. At the same time, thousands of people have a car that they don’t need. Sometimes, people have cars that they can’t even really afford.

places to donate cars

Donate cars NY in 2020

Have you heard about the best new way to give? Charity car donations are on the rise, and there’s no better time than now for you to reconsider your plans for your trade-in or even for that beater in the backyard. We all know that times are tough, but for some people, they’re tougher than for others. It’s in these instances that only charity can step in and mend the devastation that comes with the unexpected. Clothes can keep a person from feeling cold and food can keep a person from feeling hunger, but only a car can change a person’s life. Charity car donations allow professionals to get back to work; they give families the transportation they need to care for their children; they may even give the elderly or disabled a whole new connection to the world outside. All the firms mentioned below are universally recognized for their practical value and they are governmentally recognized too. Read on to find out more about how you can give big and get big by donating a car.

Our Top 3 Places to Donate Cars:

  1. Charity Cars.

  2. Goodwill NY.
  3. Wheels for Wishes.

Car Donation NYC

Too many people? quite possible you included? a car is a thing of notable value. But to some people, it’s not the monetary value of the car that makes it a saving grace; it’s what it represents in the way of life opportunities. Can you imagine having bare cupboards but no way to get to the store? Or even worse, having a sick child but no way to get to the hospital? Many of us have made career changes? both voluntarily and involuntarily. For some people, all that stands between them and being gainfully employed again is reliable transportation. Donate cars NY are a practical solution to these problems, and yet they’re so much more. They bring new hope to a less fortunate family, a second chance to a struggling professional, and restore the elderly connection to their world.

Your car doesn’t have to be beautiful to be valuable to people in these situations. All it has to do to transform a life is run.

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Places to Donate cars in 2020

For many people, the feeling of goodness that comes from giving is all the reason they need to make charity car donations. Others are in a tight spot themselves. Maybe you could use the money from selling your car, but you can’t afford to fix it. There are many worthy charities out there, but few have a direct positive impact enough to Donate cars NY. Maybe you know selling your extra car isn’t worth the hassle, but you don’t have the spare cash to insure it anymore. Charity car donations offer a solution not only to their recipients but to their givers too. It costs absolutely nothing to donate a car to charity. It requires little to no effort on your part. And in return for your vehicle donation, you’ll receive more than gratitude and good feelings. Also, your search for places to donate cars will be over. You’ll get a sizable tax deduction. In most cases, you can deduct the full Blue Book value of your car, far more than you would get selling it in the current market.

In other words, when you take part in car donation NYC, you not only give big, you get big.

Tax Benefits for Car Donation NYC

If you’re tired of paying insurance and maintenance on a car you don’t even drive; if you’ve been wondering for ages what you should do about a family member’s old car that you somehow inherited; even if you’ve got better that you feel is worth so little it’s not even worth advertising then consider Donate cars NY. Why let those unnecessary extra cars waste away in your back yard when they could be helping a family get their sick baby to the hospital or an elderly gentleman get his prescriptions or unemployed professionals deliver their resumes?

There are many benefits to visiting donate cars NY. Even if your unwanted car is no longer running, a charity can make good use of it. Perhaps through a partnership with an equally generous mechanic, they can give your old daily driver a second lease on life. Or maybe they can just sell your car outright as a project or for parts and use that extra cash to restock their food pantries or to fix a more promising car.


Places to donate cars are many, but the once we have mentioned are trusted. All you have to do is to give what you have extra. When you put a dollar in a fundraising jar, you don’t always know where that money is going. But when you give your old car to car donation NYC that redistributes them to the needy, you know exactly what your donation will do for some lucky family. The above-mentioned places are the best for Donate cars NY. You may even see your old clunker on the road. If the child in the backseat waves and smiles, it shouldn’t be hard for you to smile back knowing that you contributed to their sense of happy security.

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